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Custom solutions developed and deployed in short order

We provide custom solutions that are as comprehensive and complete as you need. The XD Insurance Processing Platform and its component architecture provides a fast and flexible way to create your exact solution, and makes keeping it up-to-date easy.

Choose from a range of components to create Your custom solution !

After choosing the components you need for your solution, a second level of customization is provided by the components themselves. Components range in type from configurable to fully custom. Configurable components deliver an impressive solution, quickly and cost-effectively. Semi-custom components provide more specificity and refinement. They are configurable components wrapped with additional layers of code tailored for your requirements. Fully custom components are just that, uniquely written to meet each and every nuance of your operation.

This architecture, and its single code base, makes it easy for us to quickly meet your solution requirements today, while allowing for growth and change over time.

The XD Insurance Processing Platform is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art transactional platform consisting of two major parts:

The XD Platform Services
A collection of system services forming the backbone, providing the messaging, glue, synchronization, cloud infrastructure, security, integration, and database structures. We are continually advancing the platform’s capabilities, speed, and extensions, thus improving the overall value of your solution.

The Processing Components
The processing components embody the insurance processing logic and rules, available in configurable, semi-custom, and fully custom forms, allowing us to dial in your solution. When we don’t have a component that meets your needs, we can build it.

Rest assured that the XD Insurance Processing Platform will deliver the most advanced solution that creates and sustains a competitive advantage for your organization. It’s foundational for us.