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Receive and transact the business you want

Our engines, algorithms, and rules rigorously filter, sort, evaluate, and process. They can fully automate or just assist in underwriting and rating your risks.

As you learn more about your risks and exposures, you can quickly incorporate changes to refine or further align your appetite, making your business more adaptive, focused, and predictable.

“XDimensional’s online submissions and rating engine provides quotes in real-time, accelerating time to revenue.”

Use portals to expand opportunities
and retain customers

With portals for distribution partners and the insured, you’ll enhance and extend growth and operational efficiency. You can compete with larger established players and leapfrog competitors that don’t offer them.

 Insured Portal Agent’s Portal
Submit Business Electronically x x
Manage Submissions x x
Self-Service x x
Alerts and Notifications x x
Dashboard x x
Manage Book of Business x
Commission Statements x
Reporting Access x

Portals streamline business submissions, workflows and add self-service capabilities. They empower your distribution partners to efficiently engage, connect, transact, and communicate with you independently, anytime.

Your distribution partners will take control, manage, processes and query information without your involvement, saving an enormous amount of time. Portals provide visibility, eliminate paper, and elevate communications accelerating and improving the quality of business.

Add automation and give productivity a boost

Accomplish more than you thought possible with automation. Automation frees up time by eliminating manual tasks, empowering you to redirect staff towards higher value work. You’ll cut through volumes of work, reduce costs, and grow your business without increasing headcount.

Through the reliability, consistency, quality, and specific servicing that automation provides, your brand will be elevated and your partners will thank you for it.

Use business intelligence to guide and achieve