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XDimensional Announces Nexsure® Integration with Appulate 4.0

Brea, Calif., March 6th, 2014

Brea, Calif., March 6, 2014 - XDimensional Technologies® announced today the integration between the Nexsure Agency Management System and Appulate 4.0 forms parsing and data bridging software. This integration provides wholesalers, brokers, and MGA's a streamlined submission workflow process that speeds business and keeps system users informed and up-to-date.

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Seamless Downloads for Mercury Insurance Group Increases Agency Productivity

Brea, Calif., January 7th, 2014

XDimensional Technologies® announced today that the Nexsure Agency Management System now provides an industry-exclusive automated integration with Mercury Insurance Group's download capability. This integration saves time, enhances client interactions, and increases productivity for Mercury Agents. This no-cost addition to Nexsure is a result of XDimensional Technologies' and Mercury Insurance Group's dedication to the automation of agency processes for increased efficiency and productivity.

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DRD Insurance Agency Deploys Nexsure® ImpactSuite and Boosts Agency Productivity

Brea, Calif., November 26th, 2013

Advanced Business Process Automation and Integrated Digital Marketing Yields Double Digit Agency Productivity Gains.

Brea, Calif., November 26, 2013 - XDimensional Technologies® announced today that DRD Insurance Agency of La Habra, California, documented a 10% productivity gain over a five month period through its implementation of Nexsure’s ImpactSuite, an optional productivity and digital marketing engine for the Nexsure Agency Management System. ImpactSuite automates digital marketing campaigns and communications, while handling many of the routine policy servicing tasks performed at an insurance agency.

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XDimensional Technologies® Announces Nexsure® ImpactSuite

Brea, Calif., November 12th, 2013

Advanced Business Process Automation and Digital Marketing Productivity Suite for Insurance Agencies

XDimensional Technologies, Inc. today formally announced the release of Nexsure ImpactSuite, an advanced automation platform and digital marketing toolset that boosts agency productivity and expands and enriches client and prospect engagements. Nexsure ImpactSuite was introduced to the market in June of 2013 as a limited customer offering, and was followed by a full market release shortly thereafter.

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XDimensional Technologies Announces the release of Nexsure v2.5!

Brea, Calif., June 7th, 2013

XDTI today announces a milestone enhancement release to the Nexsure agency management system. Nexsure v2.5 introduces many new features and is the embodiment of XDTI’s ongoing commitment to their valued customer partners.

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Wholesale Insurance Management in the Cloud!
Industry powerhouse Swett & Crawford chooses Nexsure platform for program business

Brea, Calif., May 30th, 2013

Dealing as it does with such a large and diverse group of retail agent distributors, The Swett & Crawford Group, Inc. ("Swett & Crawford") sought an opportunity to leapfrog the competition, provide unparalleled ease-of-doing-business, and streamline internal policy lifecycle processing…all in the cloud! The solution they chose was the Nexsure platform.

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IIABC (formerly IBA West) Partners with XDimensional Technologies to Offer the Nexsure Agency Management System to Members

Pleasanton, Calif., November 2, 2012

IBA West today announced a partnership with XDimensional Technologies® to offer Nexsure®, a comprehensive agency management solution at an affordable price for IBA West members. Nexsure is accessible anytime, anywhere, through a Web browser or a mobile device.

As the industry’s only true Web-based, hosted, Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS), agency management solution, Nexsure is the only product that puts the power and flexibility of Cloud-based computing to work for agency employees, as well as for prospective and current insured clients with real-time Client Access/Self-Service Portal capabilities.

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XDimensional Technologies Announces Real-Time Web Service Integration with CNA

Nexsure v2.3 and CNA’s RTQ Solution provide Real-Time Quote & Inquiry integration for Nexsure Users

Brea, Calif., October 8, 2012

XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. today announced the release of CNA Real Time Quoting and Inquiry (“RTQ”) integration, providing a seamless and real-time pass of application data, from either a new business application or renewal/re-market application, to RTQ.

“Great capabilities like CNA’s RTQ system are made exponentially greater when the agency can fully leverage their client and application data in a seamless workflow to maximize efficiency and responsiveness. This integration showcases the ease with which Nexsure can interoperate with modern, XML based, carrier utilities for a unified user experience,” said Robert Juracka, XDimensional’s CEO and co-founder.

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XDimensional Technologies Announces New Major Version Release of Nexsure

Nexsure v2.3 and Nexsure Attachment Manager offer significant feature enhancements

Brea, Calif., May 7, 2012

XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. today announced the release of Nexsure® v2.3, as well as the release of the Nexsure Attachment Manager. Nexsure v2.3 is the latest major release of the Nexsure SaaS (“Software-as-a-Service”) solution for the agency/brokerage marketplace, while the Nexsure Attachment Manager is a new productivity tool providing drag-and-drop document attachment and other advanced document management capabilities.

“This latest installment of the industry’s only cloud-based agency management solution provides Nexsure users even more freedom, flexibility and device independence. Safari® and Firefox® browser compatibility further expands the options for tablets and other non-PC devices that can be used by our clients,” said Robert Juracka, XDimensional’s CEO and co-founder.

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Lockton Commits to XDimensional Technologies’ Nexsure as Agency Management System

Top-10 Global insurance powerhouse, and world’s largest privately held brokerage, expects new system will enhance client servicing and efficiency.

Brea, Calif., September 21, 2011

XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. today announced that Lockton, Inc., a leading global insurance broker, has agreed to adopt XDimensional Technologies’ Nexsure® agency management solution as its agency management technology platform in North America.

Lockton leads the top-10 pack in organic growth. A unified and modern management system platform was a strategic mandate for continued success and growth. Lockton will unite all of their offices on the Nexsure platform and replace multiple instances of their previous agency management system.

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August 29, 2011

XDimensional to Provide Integration between Nexsure and the LexisNexis Insurance Exchange

Brea, Calif., August 29, 2011 - XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. today announced the culmination of a joint development effort with the LexisNexis® Insurance Exchange (the “Insurance Exchange”) to create seamless integration between XDimensional's Nexsure® Internet insurance agency management solution and the Insurance Exchange’s commercial insurance submission platform. The integration utilizes ACORD XML data standards and web services to allow the instant upload of insured data from Nexsure to the Insurance Exchange.

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July 14, 2011

Assurex Member Agencies utilizing Nexsure™ for agency management

Several forward-thinking agencies that are part of Assurex Global, the world’s largest group of independent insurance agents and brokers, are leveraging the unique technical and functional capabilities of the Nexsure™ agency management system from XDimensional Technologies.

The industry’s only ‘no-software’ agency management system provides unparalleled flexibility for multi-office operations and a completely modern approach to CRM and advanced policy servicing.

Thomas M. Cornish President & CEO of Seitlin Insurance and Advisory Services based in Miami, FL and Chairman of Assurex Global states, “We have found a great agency management solution with Nexsure and a great partnership with XDimensional Technologies. The staff is engaged, creative, and responsive to the needs of their clients. We have been very pleased with our switch to Nexsure as our agency management system.

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March 30, 2011

Consolidated Agency Partners Selects Nexsure As Technology Platform For Business Operations

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency management solution, announced today that Consolidated Agency Partners (CAP), a growing network of Independent Insurance Agencies, has selected Nexsure as their technology platform for business operations.

Consolidated Agency Partners catalyzes business between insurance agencies and insurance carriers through its network of member agencies and member services. Through its strength in membership, CAP provides access to a breadth of markets generally unreachable to small independent agents. At the same time, carriers benefit from previously inaccessible premium. CAP member agencies enjoy a complete virtual agency infrastructure as if working for a much larger agency, yet retain business independence at a much lower cost. CAP services include the Nexsure Easy management system, access to professional resources i.e. marketing, consulting services, specially designed products, and more.

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February 25, 2011

Highland Risk Chooses Nexsure Express Management System For Wholesale Operations

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency management solution, announced today that Highland Risk Services, an Insurance wholesaler, has selected Nexsure Express as their foundational management system to take their business to the next level.

Ryan Gillispie, Vice President of Highland Risk Services states, “In wholesale operations there is an enormous amount of paperwork and cycles between the prospect or client, and the markets. The ability to track one deal and its nuances is difficult enough, but when you have multiple deals going on and compound that with varied roles, you can end up spending a lot of time locating and confirming information, determining next steps, and executing on the right priorities. Manual agency processes leveraging email and spreadsheets is manageable up to a point, but with a growing business like ours, you reach a bottleneck pretty quickly.”

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December 1, 2010

Nexsure’s Windows Phone 7 Application Empowers On-The-Go Agency Executives and Producers With Real-Time Information

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency management solution, announced today that it has introduced a new and revolutionary Windows Phone 7 Application for Nexsure that targets agency executives and producers. This app puts vital client information and alerts at their fingertips from the field, enhances client relationships and lets them respond to client needs and opportunities on the spot.

Bob Juracka, President of XDimensional Technologies states, “Being ‘wired’ today is a necessity given the dizzying pace and mobile lifestyle that most executives and producers maintain. Breaking out the laptop to access critical information in your management system isn’t always feasible. Now the information is instantly accessible from the device that is always at-the-ready…your phone. And this isn’t just for viewing existing data. What better time to add or update contact information than when you are in front of that person? Snap a picture of your client’s new vehicle and automatically attach it to their policy record…that’s the kind of ‘wired’ work style that this app enables. We used to say, Nexsure is anywhere, anytime, agency management, on any PC with an Internet connection. Now, even that statement is too limiting. Nexsure is the only cloud-based agency management system, and this is a dividend of that design.”

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November 8, 2010

Nexsure’s ‘Units at Risk’ Accelerates Workflows and Boosts Servicing Productivity

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency management solution, announced today that it has introduced Units at Risk - a new data and display feature in Nexsure 2.1 that accelerates workflows and boosts servicing productivity.

Nexsure’s Units at Risk is a new model for data entry, display, and data associations that facilitates the management of keeping data elements synchronized between the Client Record and the many applications, forms, and policies in which that data may be used. Units at Risk categories include items such as People, Locations, and Vehicles, found across the most commonly used forms, as well as some of those less trafficked.

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March 12, 2010

Annual Nexsure User Group Meeting Delivers Unprecedented Value Keying in on Nexsure v 2.0 Training and Roundtable Discussion

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency management system, announced today that the recent Annual Nexsure User Group Meeting exceeded expectations in delivering value to its membership as rated by its membership. The meeting was held in Brea, California March 10-12. The Nexsure User Group is an independent organization from XDimensional Technologies, dedicated to professional advancement, education, and insurance automation practices.

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Feb 8, 2010

Nexsure 2.0 - A New Standard for Agency Management Systems

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency management solution, is pleased to announce the release of Nexsure version 2.0, the authoritative work in agency management systems which sets a new standard in capabilities, scope, connectivity, and efficiencies, thus delivering higher productivity and lowers costs for its agency/broker users.

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   Featured Clients
NewMarkets Insurance Agency, a division of Ace Group and provider of specialty coverage products, chose Nexsure insurance software to automate their entire operation, including specialty lines-of-business like the Ace Tank-Safe underground tank pollution liability policy. While products like these are not based on any standard form (e.g., ACORD), Nexsure offers all of the same advanced automation for these custom lines-of-business as it does for standard insurance products. This strategic advantage is just one of the many advanced capabilities that Nexsure offers over traditional agency management systems.

IBTX Risk Services is one of Texas’ largest full service independent insurance agencies providing clients with comprehensive risk management services and solutions. With an unwavering commitment to client service and agency improvement, IBTX leveraged Nexsure (agency management system) beyond its daily operational role, extending it to operating standards reporting, and have thus been able to demonstrate improved revenue and profitability.

Van Beurden Insurance Services, ranked within the top 100 largest business brokers in the U.S., places commercial insurance across the board, and is always on the lookout for ways to drive agency efficiencies, grow business, and keep costs down. With Nexsure, they have an automation platform that has enabled the achievement of these goals, and provided a strong foundation to build upon.

Roach, Howard, Smith and Barton has grown to be one of the largest and strongest brokerage firms in Texas, but not by accident. By employing a smart, long term, multifaceted business strategy that included revenue expansion, they have been able to close business more efficiently and effectively by arming their producers with timely and powerful sales proposals from Nexsure’s Office Integration.